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About Forumparrot

Forumparrot was built to create a viable alternative to the message board software currently available in todays market. Our forums operate on a new revolutionary forum software that runs in the cloud. Your forums are hosted and maintained by us to ensure a stable, secure, optimized message board and forum platform. This also gives us the ability to upgrade your forums every time we add new features seamlessly and automatically. We provide you with a control panel that allows you to administer your forums online from anywhere. Forumparrot offers you a better way to integrate message boards and forums into your existing website design. We built Forumparrot from the ground up for daily use on modern browsers and mobile platforms.
Maximize Your Users
The basic package gives you up to 250 user accounts on your forums. You can always add more if you plan to expand beyond that limit. Take control of your users by monitoring usage and moderating posts using the control panel.
Unlimited Categories & Forums
You get unlimited categories to setup your unlimited forums under. Put information where you want it so its easy for your users to find what they are looking for quickly. Lock forums and posts if you are the site owner or one of the moderators.
Monitor Page Views & Statistics
The basic package gives you 100k page views per month. Monitor post reports of views, likes and replies in the control panel. Control how many posts to display on the home page of your forums. Keep track of users and moderators.
Match Your Website Design
Control colors and fonts to customize your forums to look and integrate seamlessly into your existing web site. Add your logo in the header and company information to each forum you create. Your forums are optimized to look great on mobile devices.